We adopted an author!

Second class had a very busy term before the Spring Break. We were lucky enough to take part in an initiative called ‘Adopt an Author’ in which we worked very closely with the author Gabrielle Kent. Alongside specific, targeted tasks set in conjunction with Gabrielle, we dived into her book ‘Knights and Bikes’. We enjoyed completing our assigned activities whilst also putting our comprehension strategies into use. To conclude our involvement in the Adopt an Author programme, we were given the opportunity to visit Gabrielle in the Mill Theatre for an enjoyable discussion on her writing process and an engaging questions and answers session. We really enjoyed hearing first-hand how Gabrielle navigates the story writing process; imagining her setting and plot and developing her characters from paper sketches. We gathered many tips for our own writing and applied our new learning to planning, drafting and editing our own stories. Gabrielle is taking time to read each and every one of our stories but we hope to have them back shortly to share with you at home. 


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