Watch Nature Grow – LIVE!

We are so excited in 2nd class to be lucky enough to observe the life cycle of the butterfly in person. We have been learning all about life cycles and have focused on the butterfly life cycle. We have eight of our very own caterpillars currently going through the amazing transformation from caterpillar to butterfly. We have watched them grow from tiny caterpillars into much bigger caterpillars. We then observed the caterpillars make their way to the top of their temporary home to begin forming their chrysalises, in which they have been hanging for the last number of days. They are now safely contained in our butterfly garden as we await the incredible transformation that is taking place!

We will be sure to update you when our beautiful painted lady butterflies emerge!

Here is what we have observed of the process so far...

Our caterpillars arrived small and active! They soon grew into sizable caterpillars ready for their next step!

Our caterpillars made their way to the top and began to form their chrysalis! We enjoyed watching this stage so much!

We love observing the subtle changes from day to day!

Our chrysalises are now ready to be placed into our butterfly garden while we await the incredible transformation into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies!

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