Using our environment to learn

Over the last few weeks we have had a focus on using the environment around us to help us with our learning. We have gotten out into the fresh air lots and have really enjoyed getting hands on with our learning.

As it was Maths Week this week, we have been doing lots of fun Maths games and challenges. The children have worked hard at solving our Maths riddle of the day each day and have enjoyed getting to test their mathematical skills through a range of games. We also carried out a Maths trail using the school environment as our stimulus. We used lots of different units of measurement to measure things like the distance from one end of our yard to the other, the height of the fences, the number of steps it took to get from one entrance of the school to the other. We also put a range of other mathematical skills to the test whilst working with our partners to solve a variety of environment based questions. It was great fun!


In SESE we learned all about map reading; how to use a key to help us to read a map and also how to use a compass to assist us with direction. We learned a fun mnemonic to help us differentiate between North, South, East and West and used a compass to help us find North, South, East and West in our classroom and school. We then drew birds eye map of our classroom and developed a 'classroom key' to assist the reader in figuring out the various components mapped.

In the last couple of days we  have started a four week long experiment relating to the factors required for a plant to grow. We learned that plants need air, water, nutrients and light to grow strong and healthy. To put this to the test, we have planted two pots of seeds. We are being generous with pot 1 and are giving it all the factors it needs to survive. With our control pot, Pot 2, we have placed it in a dark place and are not looking after it in the same manner as plant 1. We are pretty confident that we know which plant will perform best but we are enjoying tracking the progress on our progress charts regardless.

In art we spent a very fun afternoon learning all about the work of land artist Andy Goldsworthy. We learned that the word 'ephemeral' means 'lasting for a short time' and spent some time creating our own Ephemeral Land Art. In pairs, we discussed potential design options, gathered the relevant materials and worked as a team to create some absolutely beautiful land art. Have a look at our creations - we are so proud of them.


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