The Wonders of Science!

Second class had such a fun time across Science week and the weeks leading up to it and those following. We spent lots of times practicing on working scientifically and approaching our work through a range of skills: Questioning, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analysing, Interpreting, Recording and communicating. We had so much fun mapping our progress as we worked trough our various experiments and using our investigation sheets to record and communicate our results.

For our first experiment we learned all about density. We learned that density is how much space an object or substance takes up. We investigated density through an experiment involving eggs, water and salt! We found that adding salt to water increased its density causing the once floating egg to now sink!



Next, we investigated surface tension. We watched how food dye dramatically rushed away from a drop of soap as the surface tension of the milk changed. This was so much fun to do over and over again!


We were then lucky enough to work with students and staff in Stepping Stones in investigating changes states of matter. We had so much fun making Oobleck with Séan, William and Mary!

To finish off our fun week, we prepared for our 'Boat Float'! We spent some time, planning, designing, testing and refining boat designs with a variety of recyclable materials. Once complete, we put each boat to the test on the water. The boats were tested on their ability to float and their ability to hold weight. Every single boat in the class floated which showed a true understanding of materials that float and those that don't - well done everyone. Some boats also held some incredible weight before sinking - the winning boat holding over 2Kg's! How amazing!


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