The Chinese New Year in Learn Together

We have been learning about how the Chinese New Year is celebrated as part of learn together. This year is the year of the dog and is celebrated on the 16th of February. We learned about customs such as the family reunion dinner, dragon and lion dances and firework displays. We learned about the importance of red as a colour for good luck and how children often receive red envelopes containing pocket money to spend themselves. We were very lucky to have Shiyan, Mateo's Mum visiting the class and giving us a presentation about the New Year. A big thank you to Shiyan for writing each child's name in Mandarin and English on a pencil and giving this to each child. Here we are with our dragons we made and with some of the decorations Shiyan brought in to show us. Please do let me know if there is ever a celebration or topic you are interested in talking about to the class.

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