The Boat Race

Earlier this month second class engaged in a very exciting challenge, building on our learning theme for that month; water. The challenge was to build a boat that could both float and hold weight from limited supplies. The children were provided with a list of eligible materials and could only select from this list when constructing their boat. We spent one week planning, testing, re-drafting our reconstructing our boats before they were put to the test in the big finale boat race (not so much a race but a test of durability and buoyancy!). Having explored and investigated the properties of floating and sinking for two weeks, the challenge put our knowledge to the test!

Each child (and I'm sure parents too!) put so much time and effort into their designs and the results were incredible. We had boats shaped like stars, small boats, big boats, boats with secret compartments and boats with impeccably designed sails! Have a look at some of our designs below!



And the winning boat was...........!

This winning boat was an ingenious design and one that surpassed all my expectations and went on to hold a record weight of more than 400 coins! Incredible work by each and every child and a very enjoyable, interactive means of consolidating our learning on floating and sinking.

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