Terms & Conditions: Extra Curricular Activities

Please ensure you read, understand and agree to the following before completing the booking.

  • Code of Behaviour: Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) should be fun for all the children involved. Parents/Guardians can help us by: 
    • Only enrol child(ren) in activities they are interested in attending; 
    • Ensure the child(ren) is picked up on time; 
    • Reading and discussing the rules of the ECAs with your child(ren) https://www.stepasideetns.ie/eca-code-of-behaviour/
    • Explain to the child(ren) that guidelines, rules and approaches from the SETNS code of behaviour followed in the school are continued during all ECAs to ensure that all children can enjoy ECAs without disruption and upset. Where children consistently show that they are not interested in the activity or in joining in with the group, or are being disruptive, parents will be advised. Parents may be asked that their child take a break from the activity, or no longer attend. 
  • Contact Details
    • Parents/Careers are expected to provide details where they or a designated adult can be contacted during the extracurricular activity should the need arise.
    • By signing up to an ECA activity you are giving the PAC permission to add your contact information to Teamer (Teamer will be used for things such as: contacting parents in the event of a cancellation and recording attendance). You also give us permission to pass on your information to the class providers in order to give you feedback on the child’s behaviour and/or progress in the class.
  • Data protection: The PAC will pass on any details you add to the sign up form about you and your child (names, emergency phone number, class, permissions, special needs, allergies/injuries) to the relevant course providers, who will only use them for the term duration and the purpose of operating the course, then return them to the school at the end of the term to be destroyed. Also visit: https://www.stepasideetns.ie/privacy-policy/
  • Child protection: No information is passed on from the school to PAC or ECA providers. It is the responsibility of the parent to pass contact information, medical information or information on the personal circumstances of the child on to the PAC or relevant ECA provider.
  • Cancellations: If a class is cancelled, the activity provider or PAC member will inform parents. We aim to process refunds via PayPal within 2 weeks of cancellation.
  • 1:10 Club: NB: There will be no 1.10 Club on any day that the school closes early, ie the last day before the  start of the Christmas, Easter or Summer holidays. Pick up is strictly at 2.10 everyday. Repeated late pick ups will result in termination of arrangement.
  • Yoga: NB: Please note that children will have to bring their own yoga mat to each class and wear shoes which they can fasten themselves. 
  • Soccer1 and Tennis1 (at 1:10pm) NB: Please note, in inclement weather the class will move into a classroom to avoid cancellations. We regret the hall is not available at that time.
  • Soccer2, Tennis2 and Basketball (at 2:10pm) NB: Please note, in inclement weather the class will move into the hall to avoid cancellations. 
  • Forest Kids: NB: The class will be held in any weather except if there is a weather warning in place.  If there is a weather warning and class needs to be cancelled, we regret we are unable to process a refund. In order to take part, children need to be appropriately dressed, that is, waterproof jacket and trousers, hiking boots or wellies, hat and gloves. Children without the appropriate outfit will not be able to take part and parents will be rang and asked to collect them as soon as possible. Any children who have a designated S.N.A. will need an adult with them. This class can only be run if there is a volunteer adult accompanying the group. We are hoping parents/guardians can volunteer to go to the walk for at least one of the weeks in the term.

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