Strategy fun!

In English, second class have worked extremely hard on our comprehension strategies throughout the year. We have learned how to use a wide range of strategies when we are decoding what we are reading and enjoy using our new skills as often as possible. Sometimes we don't even realise we are using a certain strategy but that is the beauty of it. We can be enhancing our reading experience by naturally implementing several approaches to ensure we get the most from our text. So far this year we have learned the following strategies:

- making connections

- using prior knowledge

- visualising

- synthesizing

- inferring

Most recently, we have been learning how to summarise. We were learning all about Africa at the time and integrated our learning into our English lesson. We worked to summarise a piece of text on the Maasai Tribe. We started by highlighting the important information in the text. We then used this to help us complete a '5 W's' chart and from here we already had the bones of our summary! Check put our reading response journals so see the work we have done on the other strategies noted.

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