Spooky Fun!

We had an extra spooky week in Second class this week. We have been working really hard on the genre of narrative writing and have spent a lot of time planning, drafting, editing and finalising our spooky narratives. To begin, we looked at narrative writing and the components that we need to make a story structurally coherent and exciting. We each got a chance to do a spooky lucky dip and choose our characters, setting and problem for our stories.


Next, we began to map out our stories. We discussed how narratives are put together in a similar manner to a sandwich...the first slice of bread being the beginning, the content of the sandwich in the middle, and the last piece of bread on top being the ending to our story. We spent some time figuring out what we wanted/needed to include at each stage of our story and the vocabulary we might use to enhance the reading experience for the reader. I am so impressed with all the descriptive language many of us used in our stories.


When we had edited and finalised our stories it became time to set the scene in our classroom and read our spooky tales to each other. We closed the blinds, turned off the lights, lit some spooky lanterns and played some spooky music. We then broke into pairs and shared our hard work with each other. We loved hearing everyone's stories and really enjoyed the spooky atmosphere! Well done on some fabulous work Second Class.

On Wednesday we enjoyed our Halloween Sponsored Work and our Halloween disco. We had so much fun!

To top off our week, we learned all about procedural writing. We learned about the importance of clear and concise instructions and enjoyed some funny tasks in class in which we tried to give directions for a task as if we had never done the task before. It really opened our eyes as to the importance of clarity when giving instructions. To put our knowledge to the test (and to carry on the spooky theme) we worked on writing a recipe for witches brew. As we wrote, we carried out our instructions and made a real life witches brew filled with some ghoulish items like jelly eyes, brains and ears! We tasted the result of our brewing today and it was actually quite yummy!!


                    Have a wonderful midterm everyone!


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