Space Week and Maths Week

It has been all go here in 1st Class during October!  Space week was great fun!  We worked in groups to make space ships and aliens.  It was good to share ideas, helping each other and working together; the end results were so creative.  Our class learned all about the planet Saturn, which we also made using papier mâché.  How many of these facts did you know about Saturn?

  • Saturn is the sixth planet from the sun.
  • It is the second largest planet in the solar system.
  • Saturn’s famous rings can be seen through even a small telescope.
  • 1 day in Saturn is only 10 hours on Earth.
  • It takes Saturn nearly 30 Earth years to go around the sun.
  • Saturn has 62 moons.

Here are some photos from Space Week of us making our group projects.



And didn't they turn out well!



wk-5-space-wk-9 wk-5-space-wk-12 wk-5-space-wk-13 wk-5-space-wk-18    wk-5-space-wk-8



Can you find our Saturn?




All this week has been Maths Week.  We had great fun taking part in a maths trail on Tuesday (although it was so windy our booklets kept trying to blow away!)  During the trail we estimated, counted and sketched to problem solve and use our maths outside the school.  Our class really enjoyed some of the maths games we played on the interactive whiteboard, particularly Hit the Button (  Concrete resources were used during each lesson, have a look at some pictures of us using our counting beads.

week-3-counting-beads week-3-counting-beads-2


We really enjoyed practicing our addition by playing the card game, matching pairs.  We had to find pairs that add up to 10.

wk-7-maths-wk-2 wk-7-maths-wk-3 wk-7-maths-wk-5 wk-7-maths-wk-6

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