September in Fourth Class!

Fourth Class boys and girls have got off to a fantastic start this year. We focused very much on the topic of "Myself" for September. Children wrote informative pieces about themselves to help everybody learn more about them. This was also reflected in Irish where the boys and girls learned to talk about themselves, their family and their pastimes "trí mheán na Gaeilge". We also spent significant time talking about “Our Goals” for this school year. We have a very exciting year ahead of us indeed.

The topic of “Myself” was also included in our Arts and Crafts work. Fourth Class worked on their drawing skills by drawing self-portraits of themselves. The picture below shows the technique they used to draw their self-portraits.  The children also made their very own clay figurines. We used a skill involving the use of wire to hold the clay figurines together. A basic wire frame in the shape of a stick man was provided for the children to mould their clay/limbs around. In this way the clay stayed together to form beautiful pieces of art. The second part of the lesson involved painting the figurines. Our clay figurines are now displayed in our classroom as beautiful, colourful ornaments. Well done girls and boys!



As part of SESE, fourth class carried out a study on the Human Respiratory System, The Skin, The Heart and The Blood. Following this, children selected one of these topics to carry out a project on at home. The work that was presented in class was excellent.  The pupils made beautiful displays for the wall and some individuals created PowerPoints to complement their projects. Excellent homework!

We also had a lot of fun with Maths in September. As part of Data, children carried out surveys on “Favourite Sweets in Each Class”. Children learned how to draw vertical and horizontal bar graphs from this activity. Other topics covered were Place Value, Addition and Subtraction. In the picture below, the children are using concrete materials to understand Place Value. Children also used playing cards as a fun way of completing addition and subtraction sums.


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