Rang a Trí – Ultan’s Class

Tús maith leath na hoibre!

It has been a wonderful beginning to Third Class! We have had lots of fun while learning and are looking forward to lots more interesting investigations! Please check our BLOG regularly to see what we have been learning in class and to stay informed on upcoming events.

Science - We learned about food chains, the transfer of energy and habitats. We surveyed our school grounds and completed a tally of minibeasts. To encourage an increase in minibeast numbers we decided to create a ‘BUG HOTEL’. We designed, collected and built our Bug Hotel using recycled materials. The hotel is now open for bugs to check in just in time for winter! A massive thank you to everyone who donated materials, particularly, Nigel O’Neill who sourced untreated pallets. Please feel free to take a look at our creation and enjoy the Bugs!

In Art we have been learning about various artists, we drew inspiration from Pablo Picasso’s ‘Weeping Woman’ to create our very own works of art!

Our Works of Art!

Irish - We have covered the themes of ‘Mé Féin’ & ‘Bia’. We have learned lots of new vocabulary. Tá sé an tábhachtach go bhfuil an teanga beo sa seomra agus sa bhaile. We have key phrases for each theme that will really support our learning so it’s important that we revise these at home.

Maths - We have consolidated areas of learning from Second Class and have progressed our use of written methods for Addition & Subtraction. We have collected data and presented information in an effective manner, as well as, identifying the properties of 2D shapes. We will develop our ability to subtract using written methods in the coming weeks, before diving into division!

English - We have been reading Roddy Doyles, ‘The Giggler Treatment”.  We have also written recounts including time connectives. We have been working really hard on our journey to cursive and are really proud of our written work. Moving forward we will continue to develop an awareness of the reader when we are writing and also develop our editing skills throughout the year.

As part of our Learn Together curriculum we celebrated international day of Peace and discussed what Peace means to us. We also created a wonderful anti-bullying poem during Anti-Bullying Week. Most recently we learned about the importance of taking care of our Mental Health and created ♯MyMentalHealthMatters posters.

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