Penguins everywhere!

Penguins have been our theme for January. The children have been so enthusiastic about learning about penguins. This theme has been integrated across the curriculum. As well as learning cool facts about the 17 different types of penguins in science, we have learned penguin poems in English and measured the height of Emperor penguins in maths. We wrote stories imagining we met a macaroni penguin and another story saying what we would do if we were penguins. Some of the action songs we love at the moment are Party like a Penguin and Have You Ever Seen a Penguin Come to Tea? In Aistear imaginative play was based around a polar explorer meeting a penguin and imagining what they would say to each other. We have been practising making model penguins in play dough in preparation for making clay penguins on Friday. Thanks to everyone for sending in all the lovely toy penguins and other penguin resources. Let's hope we enjoy next month's theme as much.

Using play dough to model penguins.

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