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Walking Bus - term 3

We will have a Walking Bus leaving Sandyford Hall at 8.10am each Wednesday of the last term of school (see dates below). They will be walked safely to the school yard for the usual collection. The walk takes ten minutes. There will be more information to follow on how to sign up your child. The purpose of the walking bus is:

To comply with our mobility management plan
To reduce traffic entering the school
To offer an earlier drop off
To offer a fresh and healthy start to the school day for the pupils

The Walking Bus will operate on:
May 1st, 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th
June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th

The pupils will have an adult to pupil ratio of 1 adult to 10 pupils.
They will walk in pairs.
If you sign up your child for the Walking Bus you should be available to volunteer for one of these days.
All pupils will wear high-vis vests provided by the bus leaders.
The school code of behaviour applies - any breaches and pupils will not be allowed to take part. No warnings will be given.
The bus will only take pupils who have signed up.
It will leave promptly.

The student council will be promoting the walking bus and have prepared the following visuals to help the pupils to understand what is involved:

8.10am - leave Sandyford Hall (meeting at the start of the pathway to Belarmine)

Walk carefully in pairs

Listen to the adults, look where you are going. Be safe!

It is just a 10 minute walk to school

Join your class in line on the yard as usual and wait for your teacher to collect you.

Travel Survey November 2018

Linda, our Deputy Principal and Mobility Manager got the results of the latest travel survey which so many of you took the time to complete (191 responses out of 208 families). Thank you so much for this very high response rate. The results show huge co-operation from all families around this important issue:

2017 (old location)            2018 (Belarmine Vale)
Walk 8.4%                                Walk 33.9%
Cycle 0.84%                              Cycle 4.2%
Car 64.7%                                  Car 49%
Scoot 1.68%                               Scoot 4.2%
Bus 1.68%                                  Bus 3.6%

Of the 49% of you travelling by car:

· 54% drive to the school grounds
· 31% park and stride < 5 minute walk
· 7.1% park and stride < 10 minute walk
· 4% park and stride < 15 minute walk
· 3.9% Other

So you can see that cycling, scooting, walking have all increased since we moved to Belarmine Vale and those travelling by car have decreased which is fantastic. Some of these figures are a reflection of the fact that we are in an area more conducive to these sustainable modes of transport and in a development where a number of SETNS families reside. However it is also a testament to the commitment of you all towards sustainable transport. Thank you for this and we will continue to work towards making these figures even better.
Thank you all so much for your continued co-operation and thoughtfulness around this. As the school continues to grow bigger year on year this will be essential for maintaining safe and smooth arrival and departure from the school.

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Park and Stride

Some members of the PAC have already been out walking!
Here are two proposed starting points for a short and easy walk to the school.

Car Pooling

Share the journey with your neighbour! Our PAC have been promoting and facilitating car-pooling for the last 2 years. The PAC can help out in organising car pooling. If you are interested please contact:

Walking Bus

The PAC will be reaching out to the wider parent body to organise and run a walking bus in Belarmine. Please watch this space for updates. If you are interested and available to volunteer please contact Great for older kids!
Drop your kids off at the walking bus stop and the supervised walk brings the kids to school safely. We will keep you updated on this.

Safety tips from Green Schools Travel

▪ Always be bright and be seen
▪ Always stay on pavements or footpaths
▪ Always use pedestrian crossings or lollipop wardens
▪ Always be responsible near roads
▪ Always remember the Safe Cross Code
▪ Always take care when crossing cycle lanes

Some useful links:

Travel Survey

In 2018 we conducted another travel survey showing how people planning to travel to our new school in Belarmine.

You can view the survey results here on our blog.

In early 2017 we conducted a travel survey showing all the sustainable transport options we will have in our new location.

View the survey results here: SETNS_Transport_Survey_2017.

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