Parents’ Association Committee

Parents' Association

Our Parents’ Association is integral to the success of Stepaside Educate Together National School (SETNS). All parents and guardians of children attending SETNS are part of the Parents’ Association.

Parents' Association Committee

Within the SETNS Parents’ Association, we have a Committee that plays an important role in supporting the partnership between the school and the children’s parents. The purpose of the Parents’ Association Committee (PAC) is to support the school by organising activities and social events for children and parents, and to fundraise where possible. For more information please read the PAC Constitution.

Committee members

Currently the SETNS PAC is made up of 31 parents, 2 BoM parent reps and 2 teacher reps. It is comprised of a diverse group of people with many different skills who work well together in trying to achieve the very best for our school. To find out more about current PAC members, you can meet the team here.

In November 2019, PAC roles were re-structured to enable more parents to join and contribute their time in more flexible ways with varying levels of time or commitment. There are officer roles, requiring a more continuous commitment throughout the school year, and subcommittee roles that have a more defined requirement at specific times of the year. All members of the PAC are invited to lead or be a member of a subcommittee on any event.

What the committee does

One of the main objectives for the PAC is to improve the overall experience for parents, guardians, children and teachers within our school community. This is achieved by organising many events throughout the year. The PAC aims for a balance between social activities, fundraising events, and school engagement, meeting once a month to discuss and plan such events and activities.

Here are some examples of PAC led initiatives in the 2022/23 school year:
• Extra-curricular activities programme.
• Halloween disco.

• School Calendar.
• Fundraising events throughout the year – Clothes recycle, Halloween sponsored walk, scholastics and calendar sales.
• World Book Day for the kids and a book swap for parents.
• Belarmine Clean up – encouraging community spirit within our school.
• Supporting school focus weeks such as Intercultural week and Science & engineering week.
• Family Quiz night – and what a fun evening it was!
• Sports day.
• Parent Talks including 'Transition to post primary school' and 'Gender equality training'.

For up to date News and Events.

Extra-curricular activity

The PAC manages the extra-curricular activity programme on behalf of the school. The programme has a wide range of fun events for children. The PAC manages all bookings and payments through an online system. For more details check out the Activity Programme.

Why join the PAC?

Being a member of the PAC enables parents to gain greater insight into their child’s school life and learning. It also gives parents an opportunity to work together towards improving our school community.

How to become a member?

The Parents’ Association Committee holds an annual general meeting at the beginning of each school year, where new PAC members are nominated and confirmed. Please contact the PAC if you are interested in joining the committee, email:

Can’t become a member but still want to get involved?

Not all parents can commit time to the PAC. However, there are plenty of other opportunities to get involved. Frequently, the PAC seeks support from parents and guardians for events, such as bag packs, clothes collections and sports day to name but a few.

Finally, some suggested ways of staying in touch with the SETNS school community:

• Join your class WhatsApp group (see guidelines here If you want to be added to your class group, email
• Visit our School Website:
• Like the School Facebook Page:
• Join the private parents Facebook Group:
• Email the Parents Association Committee:

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