October Activities!! 

We had such a busy month across October in second class. We were all settled in to our new class and had our heads down doing some amazing work.

In SESE (geography, history, science) we learned all about maps. We used a compass to help us locate north, South, East and west in our classroom and used this information to help us construct our own maps.We also looked at the factors that affect plant growth and investigated this by growing our own plants in class.

We then learned all about migration and tracked the migration paths of the swallow, osprey, Arctic tern, monarch butterfly and the grey whale on a world map. We were amazed at the distances some animals travel.

In science, we carried out an experiment involving a spooky Halloween lava lamp. We completed our investigation record sheets before, during and after the experiment.


During October, we also celebrated Wellness Week. We did mindfulness daily and talked the importance of keeping our minds happy and healthy, as well as our bodies. We made Guatemalan worry dolls to help ease any worries we might have. 

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