Newton’s Law – Balloon Fun!

Welcome to our balloon rocket experiment!

Second Class were studying forces in Science last week. To test Newton's third law, which states every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we set up a twine zip-line to which we taped an inflated balloon. We counted down for our rocket take-off and when we let go of the untied balloon the air inside pushed against the outside air, and the outside air pushed back. As a result, the balloon is propelled forward across the zip line. We learned that this happens due to the force of the air inside the balloon.

We then tested different variables to see what might affect the distance the balloon traveled - different size balloon, different levels of inflation, attaching the balloon in a different manner, different starting points, shorted/longer straw attachment. Lots of interesting ideas were thrown out and we tested as many as we could. We wrote up our experiment on our investigation sheets and documented our equipment, hypothesis, method and results. This was such a fun and active means of learning all about forces! Click the link below to have a look at a short video of one of our attempts in action!

Our Science was further brought to life inside the Star Dome last week where we got to witness the night sky above us with very clear guidance around the planets and stars above us! We loved watching the night sky change in front of our very eyes and getting amazing insight into the magic of our solar system.

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