Maths has been very active in First Class these past few weeks. We spent a week learning about length and using different units to measure: fingertip, hand span, my stride, lolly pop sticks, maths books and metre sticks. We had lots of fun estimating and measuring the length, width and height of different parts (and people!) of the classroom.

We have also been learning more about 3D shapes. Sphere, cuboid, cylinder and cube are the shapes that we focused on. We had fun exploring their properties to find out if they can 'roll', 'stack' and 'slide'. We practiced our new maths vocabulary by describing 3D shapes in a feely bag, exploring 'faces', 'edges' and 'corners' of each shape.

We have been shopping again, this time using coins up to 20cent. It is not easy to calculate the correct change to be given but the customers made sure that they were not left short!

We are learning about tens and units at the moment and starting to practice exchanging 10 units for 1 ten.

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