Keeping Maths Active!

We have worked so hard in our maths lessons this year. Our friendly class dinosaur 'WALT' (We Are Learning To) introduces us to what we are learning about each week. WALT has helped us keep focused on our learning and engaged in the outcomes and objectives we are aiming for.

We have spent lots of time on each Maths topic using a wide range of maths manipulatives and concrete materials. With each topic, we began our learning by developing our understanding of mathematical ideas on a concrete level. Physical materials gave us an opportunity to explore and express our ideas before we recorded them with pencil and paper; they also gave us the flexibility to make, test and refine our strategy skills. We have really enjoyed the active, hands-on nature of our Maths learning this year and have benefited hugely from the staged introduction of each topic from the use of physical materials to solving our problems using our numbers and maths symbols.

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