Keeping Healthy Aistear

In January Junior Infants were learning all about keeping healthy. We talked about all the foods that help us to grow and keep us healthy, and also the foods we should only have occasionally. We talked about all the people who help keep us healthy.
We set up a hospital room in our role play area along with an X-ray room. The children had great fun pretending to be nurses, doctors, radiographers and patients. In the art corner the children made healthy eating plates. In construction the children designed hospitals from lego and the junk art table made Miss Polly's Dolly form our rhyme 'Miss Polly had a Dolly'.
The best part of the week was definitely a visit from Doctor Katie, Sarah's auntie. She came in and answered all our questions about doctors and she even showed us all the things inside her special bag.

Doctor Katie

Doctor Katie's bag

The waiting room

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