It’s Time for Time!

We have been working very hard on the concept of 'time' in Maths over the last two weeks. We are all very proud to be getting so good at telling the time to the hour, half hour and quarter hour. We try to keep maths as active as possible to ensure its accessible and enjoyable for everybody. Have a look at some of our station activities below!


We used hoolahoops to make giant clocks and had class races to see who could set up their analogue clock correctly in the shortest time. We then worked in small teams to set our analogue clocks to given times and then convert this time into digital form on our mini whiteboards.

Following this, we spent some time playing some maths dice games in which the children had to answer specific time related questions and move their way around the board. We had so much fun practicing our knowledge of time through games.

When doing 3D Shapes we explored 3D shapes in our environment and classified these based on specific properties. We then explored the nets of our chosen 3D shapes and, having discussed the shapes in their flattened form, re-constructed them into their 3D form! It was so interesting to see what  our cereal boxes look like when flattened out!


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