Intercultural Week 2021

This week, SETNS has been exploring all things Japan. Up in 6th Class, we have been very busy on Google Classroom making mini-projects on this theme! Each day, the children worked on a different area of the curriculum focusing on Japan. At 2.30pm each day, we had a "Google Meet" where everyone got to present their work! We learned so much from each other and it was a really lovely week. On Friday, some children in the class shared some information about their own nationalities. A few of the class had been to Japan, so that added to the week's theme nicely! Here is how our week went:

Monday (Geography task) Create a fact file on Japan ["Japan" by SETNS 6th Class]

Tuesday (History task) Choose one of the topics to research and create a slide on it ["Japanese History" by SETNS 6th Class]

Wednesday (Art) Study the famous art piece 'The Great Wave' by Japanese artist Hosukai and create your own version ["The Great Wave" by SETNS 6th Class]

Thursday (English) Write your own haiku and tanka poems ["Japanese Poetry" by SETNS 6th Class)

We hope you enjoy our week's work!

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