Gender Equality Training for Parents

The Parents’ Association Committee invite you to join us for Gender Equality Training for parents, given by Dr. Seline Keating and Dr. Bernie Collins from DCU.

This will take place on Thursday 6th Feb from 7.30pm – 9pm in the school. Tea and coffee will be offered from 7:15pm.

More information about the event:

A new EU programme called Gender Equality Matters (GEM) has been developed which aims topromote gender equality through a rights and equality-based approach, and to empower the whole school and wider community to challenge attitudes and behaviours that undermine gender equality.

The project is led by two researchers: Dr. Seline Keating and Dr. Bernie Collins from DCU

As part of this project, information sessions are being offered to parents with content covering:

  • gender stereotyping
  • bullying (including gender-based bullying)
  • gender-based violence

Using scenarios and case studies, parents will explore ways that they can help their children to deal with any such incidents if they ever arise. Focus is on empowering and enabling young people, their parents, teachers and the wider community to make a difference in relation to gender issues through the GEM project.

If you are interested in attending this talk or have any questions please email

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