FAQs: PayPal online payments

Please read the below FAQs if you have any queries or issues in regards to PayPal which we use for the Halloween Sponsored Walk and for purchasing t-shirts, hoodies or calendars online, before emailing us. Thank you

Do I need a PayPal account?

No, however we recommend you use a PayPal account for a quicker and better checkout experience. There is an option to pay by debit/credit card without a PayPal account, called ‘guest checkout’. However, this option may not always be available to all customers for several reasons.

Why is option to pay by debit/credit card not always available to all customers?

Some reasons include:

  1. PayPal may not allow ‘guest checkout’ based on a variety of reasons e.g. issues relating to customers browser, cookies, locale, IP etc.
  2. Fraud prevention: PayPal has fraud prevention measures in effect so in some cases, PayPal may prevent a customer from using the ‘guest checkout’ if they think the transaction poses a risk.
  3. Email address: An incorrect email address or an email address that PayPal was unable to verify.
  4. Location is not supported: The ability to allow customers to pay via PayPal through ‘guest checkout’ is determined by your local PayPal organisation’s security and risk management policies, which may affect payments using foreign cards.
  5. You may have reached the maximum number of times you can check out as a guest using the same card. Usually after 10 transactions PayPal requires you to open an account.

There should be an option to check out your booking using a debit/credit card, however we cannot guarantee that this option will be displayed on all devices for the reasons above.

What is the quickest way to pay?

PayPal is quicker than paying by debit/credit card, as you only need to add your login details and click one button to pay - booking complete. If you are using a debit/credit card you must fill in your card details and address, which takes longer.

Why does PayPal ‘force’ me to log in to my account?

If you are booking on a phone, or using an email address or credit card number associated with a PayPal account, most likely PayPal will not allow you to use a credit/debit card and may ‘force’ you to log in to your account.

What if I can’t remember my PayPal login details?

Simply click the ‘forgot my password’ link and a new password will be sent to your email address. Please note this may take a few minutes. Once you have received your new login details you will need to add your booking to the cart again. 

Is my booking confirmed once I add an order to my cart?

No. Once you have added your order to your cart, you must proceed to check out. Adding an order to your cart alone will not reserve them, they are only confirmed once you have proceeded to check out and the payment has gone through.

Why was my booking cancelled?

Your booking will be cancelled if your payment is declined by your bank, which may be due to insufficient funds or because your bank detects an irregular payment.

My PayPal checkout doesn’t work, or times out, why is this?

Outdated browsers can often cause issues for people using the PayPal checkout. In this situation we recommend using a different device. Please make sure that your computer software is up to date to avoid these issues. Ideally use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a phone, iPod or tablet.

How can I prepare for making an order quickly and without any issues?

  1. Ideally set up a PayPal account in advance, make sure you know your login details (please test them) and that the account or card associated with it has sufficient funds.
  2. If possible use a laptop or desktop computer instead of a hand-held device (phone, tablet, iPod etc.)

If you have any questions in advance, please email the PAC at pac@stepasideetns.ie

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