Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) FAQs

We highly recommend that you read the PayPal FAQs here before the portal opens for payment: https://www.stepasideetns.ie/faqs-extra-curricular-activities-eca-booking-process-be-prepared/

What activities are being organised this year?

***Please note, a minimum number of students are required for each class to go ahead ***

Where will children be collected from after the activities: At the end of the activity, the ECA provider will bring the children to their usual collection point (Junior yard for Junior and Senior Infants & Senior yard for 1st - 6th class). 

What is the Term Duration?: Based on parents feedback we have organised the term to coincide with the school calendar. Please check the table above for each activity duration and dates. 

What is the cost? Please see prices in table above. 

Apart from reading this section, how can I get ready in advance of the ECA Booking Portal being open?

My child got a place, will preference be given to us to re-enroll next term? 

Yes, All children enrolled in an activity will be offered the chance to re-enroll in the same activity for the following term of the same school year. Once re-enrollment is closed, all vacancies will be open to the whole school community to be booked. There is no option to re-enrol for Term 1 as we need to make it fair for all new children joining the school during the summer.

My child has an SNA in school, can they join the activities?

ECA providers will try to be accommodating and to be inclusive of all pupils. For pupils who have been assigned an SNA during the school day it is acknowledged that they may need an increased level of support in extra-curricular classes also.  Depending on the pupil and the activity this can be arranged on an individual basis and may include arrangements such as the parent/guardian or privately arranged SNA being present for lessons. 

I’ve already informed the school about my child specific circumstances, do I need to inform the ECA provider also?

Extra curricular activities happen outside of school hours and so operate under their own policies and practices. The main point to note is that the school cannot under any circumstances share contact information, medical information or information on the personal circumstances of the child with the PAC or with an ECA provider. It is the responsibility of the parent to pass this information on to the relevant provider. The school would be in breach of GDPR regulations and potentially child protection guidelines if we were to share any of the above.

What if a class is cancelled?

We make every effort to try to minimise the amount of cancellations to a minimum. However if a class needs to be cancelled, we will contact the email or mobile number you provided during the booking as soon as we can and we will aim to inform you at least 2 hours before school collection time. A refund will be made via PayPal, we will aim to do it within 2 weeks of cancellation.

Can you tell us a bit more about the classes and the teachers please?

1:10 Club (Junior and Senior Infant only):

Junior and Senior Infants will be able to stay in school for an extra hour in the "1.10 Club" under the care of Explorers After-School. The children will enjoy some time playing and colouring in their classroom with their friends. We are sure your little ones will have a lovely time! The "1.10 Club" will be held every day.  The 1:10 club this year will be facilitated by “Explorers”. Parents can choose to sign up their child(ren) to attend either one, two, three, four or five days per week for the whole term.

NB: There will be no 1.10 Club on any day that the school closes early, ie the last day before the start of the Christmas, Easter or Summer holidays. 

Pick up is strictly at 2.10 everyday. Repeated late pick ups will result in termination of arrangement.


Michelle will continue teaching Yoga to our students this year. Michelle is a Senior Paediatric Occupational Therapist and Certified Kids Yoga Teacher, who has been working with children for nearly 10 years and has an extensive understanding of children’s development. In her yoga classes, the students will join her to stretch, strengthen and learn yoga poses by transforming into animals, telling stories and playing games, all while breathing and having fun!! Teaching kids yoga from an early age has endless benefits for their bodies and minds that will not only help them grow and stay active while they are children, but they will also learn skills that will stay with them for life!

NB:  Please note that children will have to bring their own yoga mat to each class and wear shoes which they can fasten themselves. 


Lyall and Laura are looking forward to another successful term of teaching at Stepaside Educate Together National School. “We were thrilled to see so many enthusiastic juniors participate over the summer socially and competitively at our club at Rosemont School. We hope this upcoming term is no different and maybe even see the beginnings of the Stepaside Educate Together Junior Tennis.”

Laura – P.T.R. Tennis Instructor, Fully Garda Vetted, Child Protection Cert, Coaching Beginner to Advanced Level Juniors and Adults

Lyall – Tennis Ireland Level 1 Instructor, P.T.R. Tennis Instructor, Fully Garda Vetted, Child Protection Cert, Coaching Beginner to Advanced Level Juniors and Adults  

NB: Please note, in inclement weather the first tennis class at 1:10pm will move into a classroom to avoid cancellations. We regret the hall is not available at that time. The second tennis class at 2:10 will move to the hall in inclement weather.


Join Elite Dance Academy for their weekly hip hop classes. Keep fit & have fun while building confidence learning dances to the newest chart songs! Each class allows each child to shine like the superstar they are and help them to grow as performers. Our classes start with warm ups & learning that all important techniques before diving into cool routines all in a welcoming and safe environment!

The children will be working towards an end of year performance.

Krystyn our dance teacher has been dancing before she could walk. Currently running Elite Dance Academy, Belarmine she has  performed on stages across the nation but now focuses her talents locally. Trained in a number of disciplines, these classes will mainly focus on hip hop. Working with tots right up to adults, her dance classes will include learning correct technique, choreography and stretching. Krystyn is excellent at bringing children out of their comfort zone and giving them the tools they need to confidently dance, whether on their own or in front of a room full of people. In these classes, younger children can rock out to their favourite songs while older children can get down to work and learn some cool new tricks!


We are delighted to have Stephen Flynn as our soccer trainer.

‘I am a qualified personal trainer, I have been running my own successful fitness business (Future Fitness Dublin) over the last three years. I am also currently working in a local secondary school with students helping increase fitness and health awareness. I have coached Soccer and Gaelic Football in primary schools previously. I have also worked with all ages and elite teams in St. Josephs Boys/Bray Academy, instructing children from 8 to 18 years old. I am currently working (and playing) with well known local Senior Soccer, GAA and Golf clubs. I am also currently working with some young up and coming professional golfers. I also run Fitness classes and Personal Training sessions throughout the day. I look forward to helping out in the local area as it is always hugely rewarding and great to give back. You can find more information at Futurefitnessdublin.com‘ 

NB: Please note, in inclement weather the first soccer class at 1:10pm will move into a classroom to avoid cancellations. We regret the hall is not available at that time. The second soccer class at 2:10 will move to the hall in inclement weather.



Join Elite Dance Academy for their weekly Drama classes at SETNS. Our classes with seasoned teachers & performers are ideal to bring out the confidence in each little performer and teach them how to shine! Each week our classes will teach acting, stage presence, diction & confidence all while having fun and exploring their imaginations. From fighting dragons and flying on magic carpets for the younger ones and delving more in-depth into the imaginations for the oldest there is something for everyone in this class. 

Drama for the younger children will be a lot of poems and smaller plays with imagination games whereas the older ones will work off more script and improvisation. Once they are settled we will pick a musical that they can all work from for example Matilda, Alice in Wonderland or Shrek the Musical. The children will be working towards an end of year performance.

Gillian our drama teacher, who has not only produced but performed in many productions including Matilda the Musical & Shrek the musical most recently, is an expert in guiding young children in exploring their own imagination. Taking them away on magic adventures without ever leaving the classroom! With the older children, Gillian will show them the true meaning of drama and allow them to find and embrace their inner actor.

BASKETBALL (1st-6th class only)

This has been one of our most popular ECA classes last year. This class will be run by our teachers Damien, Padraig and Mark. They played basketball at school along with other ball sports. Children will learn the basics of the non-contact sport and improve their fitness in a fun environment. He will focus on everything from shooting form, lay ups, foot work, ball handling, dribbling and passing as well as athletic and movement skills.



Forest Kids is an adventure for children where we offer a safe, fun and educational experience in the outdoors. We take children into the forest and try new things by doing them and giving the opportunity to make new friends and learn new things.  Forest Kids place strong emphasis on learning through play with children learning from each other to develop their social and emotional skills. We learn through our appreciation of nature and are child lead on the path of discovery. Forest kids is about using our senses to their capacity; See…Hear…Feel…Smell..Touch.”

The class will be facilitated by Heather Burnett Niland, from www.forestkidsfun.net, whose background is childcare and the outdoors.

The class will be held in any weather except if there is a weather warning in place. In the case of a cancellation due to a weather warning, we regret no refund will be given. In order to take part, children need to be appropriately dressed, that is, waterproof jacket and trousers, hiking boots or wellies, hat and gloves. Children without the appropriate outfit will not be able to take part and parents will be rang and asked to collect them as soon as possible.

Children can bring their outdoor boots and gear in on the morning of the adventure in an extra bag. They’ll change and leave their rucksacks in the school.

Junior class (1:10-2:10) will explore the grounds of Belarmine and more likely than not, will end up jumping in some muddy puddles!

Senior class (2:10-4pm) will walk up to Fernhill with no bags which will make the adventure more enjoyable for them. They will spend an hour exploring and learning in Fernhill. They will return to school where they can pick up their school bags. Pick up time is 4pm.

Any children who have a designated S.N.A. will need an adult with them.

NB: The Senior class (from 2:10-4) can only be run if there is a volunteer adult accompanying the group. We are hoping parents/guardians can volunteer to go to the walk for at least one of the weeks in the term. Classes with no supervisor will be canceled before the beginning of the term.

Club Gaeilge (1st-6th class only)

This class will be led by our teachers Damien and Deborah. Kids can have loads of fun and games while practicing their Irish every Thursday at 2:10pm. 

Arts & Crafts (1st-6th class only)

We are delighted to have Katherine Heisson, our 2nd class teacher, bringing back Arts and Crafts as an extra curricular activity from now on. Katherine will explore a range of art and craft techniques and skills with the children. “I also hope to help the children learn to use art as a platform for their own creative expression and well-being.”


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