Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) FAQs

What activities are being organised this year? 

What time will the classes be held?
 The classes will run from 1:10-2:10 PM for the Junior and Senior Infants, and 2:10-3:10 PM for the 1st-6th Classes. For those children who are released at 1 PM or 2 PM, they will stay with their teachers until the start of the ECA class.

Where will children be collected from after the activities: All ECA classes will be outdoors this term and will be held in one of the three yards. At the end of the activity, the ECA provider will bring the children to the Junior yard (small yard)  for Junior and Senior Infants & Senior yard (basketball court) for 1st - 6th class. 

What is the Term Duration?: For this term, we will be running on a trial basis for three weeks only. If all goes well, we will aim for 7 weeks to commence after Spring Break. 

What is the cost? Please see prices in the table above. 

Apart from reading this section, how can I get ready in advance of the ECA Booking Portal being open?

 How long will places be available for?

Activities are booked on a first come first served basis and some of the most popular ones get booked out within minutes. We recommend booking activities as soon as the booking portal opens. An email will be sent at least two weeks before the portal opens to allow parents to get ready in advance. If you are unavailable at the set day and time, we would recommend asking a family member or friend to book on your behalf. The email will include the date when the portal is closed. This is to allow PAC to compile an attendance list for ECA providers and school teachers.  Most classes offer a waitlist, if you do not get in, we encourage you to add your child to the waitlist in case a spot opens up. 

My child got a place, will preference be given to us to re-enroll next term? 

Yes, All children enrolled in an activity will be offered the chance to re-enroll in the same activity for the following term of the same school year. Once re-enrollment is closed, all vacancies will be open to the whole school community to be booked. There is no option to re-enrol for Term 1 as we need to make it fair for all new children joining the school each new year.

My child has an SNA in school, can they join the activities?

For pupils who have been assigned an SNA during the school day, it is acknowledged that they may need an increased level of support in extra-curricular classes also.  SNA’s are employed by the school and are only available during normal school hours, they are not available during ECA. Each parent may need to provide their own SNA or be present for lessons if the child needs extra assistance.  Each provider should be accommodating and inclusive of all pupils; however, if issues arise the Provider will speak to the parents and discuss the best course of action.

I’ve already informed the school about my child’s specific circumstances, do I need to inform the ECA provider also?

Extra curricular activities happen outside of school hours and so operate under their own policies and practices. Due to GDPR rules and regulations, the school cannot under any circumstances share contact information, medical information, or information on the personal circumstances of the child with the PAC or with an ECA provider. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the ECA Provider of any special circumstance. .

What if a class is canceled?

We make every effort to try to keep the amount of cancellations to a minimum. However, if a class needs to be canceled, the ECA Provider will contact the parents and inform you at least 2 hours before school collection time. In most cases, our ECA Supervisor will be able to provide an alternative class for the children. This class may include art, drama, and/or an outdoor activity. If there is no one to supervise the children, parents will need to pick up their child at their normal school pickup time. Refunds will be given for classes that are canceled only if the child does not stay with the supervisor.  A refund will be aimed to be made within 2 weeks of cancellation.

What Covid-19 Regulations will be in place?

  • All ECA Providers, teachers, and supervisors will adhere to the latest Covid guidelines as set forth at the time by the government. Each ECA Provider will inform students of their specific guidelines, which may vary from class to class.
  • ECA classes will take place outdoors only, for Term 2; with a review in March 2022. 
  • In the case of inclement weather, classes will move to the hall with all doors open for the duration of the class.
  • ECA providers will be responsible for contact tracing within their ECA class. Parents who report a positive case to the school should also report to the ECA provider, so they can make the class aware. 
  • ECA providers are responsible for keeping their allocated space and equipment clean and sanitized as noted within the government guidelines. 

Can you tell us a bit more about the classes and the teachers, please?


We are delighted to have Stephen Flynn returning as our soccer trainer.

‘I am a qualified personal trainer, I have been running my own successful fitness business(Future Fitness Dublin) over the last three years. I am also currently working in a local secondary school with

students helping increase fitness and health awareness. I have coached Soccer and Gaelic Football in primary schools previously. I have also worked with all ages and elite teams in St. Josephs Boys/Bray Academy, instructing children from 8 to 18 years old. I am currently working (and playing) with well-known local Senior Soccer, GAA and Golf clubs. I am also currently working with some young up-and-coming professional golfers. I also run fitness classes and Personal Training sessions throughout the day. I look forward to helping out in the local area as it is always hugely rewarding and great to give back. You can

find more information at Futurefitnessdublin.com‘ 

NB: Please note, in inclement weather the class will move indoors.

BASKETBALL (1st-6th class)

This has been one of our most popular ECA classes in the past. This class will be run by our teachers Damien and Ultan. They played basketball at school along with other ball sports. Children will learn

the basics of the non-contact sport and improve their fitness in a fun environment. They will focus on everything from shooting form, layups, footwork, ball handling, dribbling, and passing as well as athletic and movement skills.

NB: Please note, in inclement weather the class will move indoors.

HOCKEY (4st-6th class only)

This year we are excited to introduce a Hockey class. This class will be run by our teachers Ailish and Jessica D. Ailish has coached primary hockey in the past and both enjoy teaching and playing the sport.

Children will learn the basics and improve their fitness in a fun environment.

NB: Please note, all students registered in the class must come prepared with a mouth guard, shin

guards, and proper footwear (runners). In inclement weather the class will move indoors

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