Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) FAQs

What activities are being organised this Term? 

**1:10 Club requires a minimum of 2 days (does not have to be consecutive).

**Arts & Crafts and Science Club include a €5 materials fee

**Please note there is no class for Field Sports on 19th May

**Please note there are no classes for Speech and Drama on 23rd & 24th May. 

**Please note there is no class for Arts and Crafts 4 (3rd-6th class) on 20th April . 

***Irish Dance will finish on 26th May, there will be no classes in June.

What time will the classes be held?  

  • Junior and Senior Infants will run from 1:10-2:05 PM, please collect your child in the small yard promptly at 2:05.
  • Classes will run from 2:10-3:10 PM for the 1st-6th Classes. 
  • Adventure Club runs from 2:10-4:30 PM, you may collect your child at the school at 4:30.

Where will children be collected from after the activities: 

  • Junior and Senior Infants will be collected from the small yard. Please wait until all children are inside the yard before attempting to collect your child.
  • 1st-6th Class: For outside activities, the children can be collected from the yard where the activity takes place, ie. Mixed Sports students will be collected from the Basketball Court. 
  • For all indoor classes, children will be brought into the small yard for pick-up.  
  • On rainy days, all classes may be collected directly outside the door closest to the bike rack.  

What is the Term Duration?:

Term 3 runs for 9 weeks, commencing on Monday, 17th of April, and runs until Thursday, 15th of June. Please pay close attention to the class schedule above, as some classes may not be running each week. 

What is the cost? 

All prices are listed in the table above. 

Please note be an additional Processing Fee of €1 will be added to each complete transaction; this helps cover the cost of payment fees. 

**Science Club and Arts & Crafts have an additional fee of €5 already added to the total price, this covers materials used during the class.

Apart from reading this section, how can I get ready in advance?

How long will places be available?

For Term 3, you may register your interest in all ECA classes until 7pm on Thursday, 16th March. After this time, we will begin to enrol all classes and email invoices. If there are spaces still open, we will offer one last chance for everyone to register interest in those classes only. We recommend registering your interest as soon as possible. All classes offer a waiting list. A lottery system will sort the waiting list. If you register interest after the 16th March deadline, your child can still be added to the waiting list but will be placed at the bottom.

My child got a place, will preference be given to us to re-enrol next term? 

All children enrolled in an activity will be given preference to re-enroll in the same activity for the following term of the same school year. Once re-enrollment is closed, all vacancies will be open to the school community to be booked. This only applies to Terms 2 and 3. There is no option to re-enrol for Term 1. Please remember you still must register your interest by the deadline to guarantee your child’s space.

My child has an SNA in school, can they join the activities?

For pupils who have been assigned an SNA during the school day, it is acknowledged that they may need an increased level of support in extra-curricular classes also.  SNA’s are employed by the school and are only available during school hours; they are not available during ECA. Each parent may need to provide their own SNA or be present for lessons if the child needs extra assistance.  Each provider should be accommodating and inclusive of all pupils; however, if issues arise, the Provider will speak to the parents and discuss the best course of action.

Is there an ECA Supervisor on Duty?

Yes, the PAC employs an ECA Supervisor who is available to help for the duration of ECA. The supervisor will help collect children for their ECA classes, make sure they are picked up after class, and help the Providers with anything they may need, such as calling a parent for a sick child, taking children to and from the toilets, or sitting with a child who is misbehaving.

This year our supervisor is Emanuela, a parent to one of our students. Emanuela is Garda vetted and has many years of experience as a childminder. She also assists her husband in coaching soccer for kids in the community. 

I’ve already informed the school about my child’s specific circumstances, do I need to inform the ECA provider also?

Extra-curricular activities happen outside of school hours, and so operate under their own policies and practices. Due to GDPR rules and regulations, the school cannot, under any circumstances, share contact information, medical information, or information on the personal circumstances of the child with the PAC or with an ECA provider. It is the responsibility of the parent to inform the ECA Provider of any special circumstance. 

What if a class is cancelled ?

We make every effort to try to keep the amount of cancellations to a minimum. However, if a class needs to be cancelled, the ECA Provider will contact the parents and inform you at least 2 hours before school collection time. In most cases, our ECA Supervisor will be able to provide an alternative class for the children. This class may include art, drama, and/or outdoor activity. If there is no one to supervise the children, parents will need to pick up their children at their normal school pickup time. Refunds will be given for cancelled classes only if the child does not stay with the supervisor.  A refund will be made within 2 weeks of cancellation.

What Covid-19 Regulations will be in place?

All ECA Providers, teachers, and supervisors will adhere to the latest Covid guidelines as set forth at the time by the government. Each ECA Provider will inform students of their specific guidelines, which may vary from class to class.

Can you tell us a bit more about the classes and the teachers?

New Class this Term:

CODING (3rd-6th class)

We are excited to bring an introduction to coding class to our program. This class will be taught by teacher Leona and school parent Kevin Miller. This class will focus on concepts and methods of coding by utilising block-based development tools. Many of the skills they learn in class can be continued at home by using the website: www.code.org 


Faye Marshall of Marshall academy of dance brings to our school Irish Dancing. Faye has toured the world with various Irish dance shows. Her class will include both traditional and modern Riverdance style teaching. The kids will dance for both fun and fitness, and we are excited to bring this Irish tradition to our school. 

NB: Please ensure children have plenty of water and comfortable shoes. Irish dance shoes are optional; if you wish to purchase a pair, they can be bought from O’Farrells Sportshop, Stillorgan, or Danceworld Ranelagh. Faye may have some secondhand shoes available for use during the class.

All other classes:

1:10 CLUB

The “1.10 Club” is held every day and is facilitated by “Explorers”. Priority for this class will be given to those with older siblings in the school (1st-6th class), or those who ride the bus. Please note there is a minimum booking of two days per week. 

The children will enjoy playing and colouring in their classroom, reading in the library, and, weather permitting, they will spend time in the yard. 

NB: You must book a minimum of two days (does not need to be consecutive days), if you fail to book two days and a second day is no longer available, your spot will be cancelled. 

There will be no 1.10 Club during school holidays or days the school closes early. 

Pick-up is strictly at 2.05 every day. Repeated late pick-ups will result in termination of enrolment.

CREATIVE WRITING (3rd-6th class)

Creative Writing is brought to you by parent and published author Michelle Miller. Michelle has been writing since her primary school days and is now the author of four children's books. Creative Writing will focus mainly on fiction writing skills such as generating ideas, plotting, character development, and story drafting. These skills may be taught through games, role-play, and active writing. The children will be encouraged to work on their own stories throughout the term.

NB: Please ensure your child brings a notebook or paper and their favorite writing tool. 

SCIENCE CLUB (Jr/Sr Infants & 1st-2nd Class)

This term in addition to our JR/SR Infants class, Science Club will be offered to our 1st-2nd Class. The class will be taught by our ECA Supervisor and parent Emanuela Caprio.  Emanuela has a background in pharmacy and science research. The class will revolve around learning science terms and creating several simple, but fun experiments. Some examples include: building a volcano, making fake snow, building catapults, etc. 

NB: Class may request materials from home, ie: toilet rolls, jars, and/or other recyclable materials

ADVENTURE CLUB (5th & 6th Classes)

Adventure Club is an exciting hiking/outdoor activity class brought to us by Adrian Nolan. For two hours, Adrian will work closely with the students to teach them survival skills and wilderness techniques. They will spend their time up in the Dublin Mountains (just past the Blue Light) learning to build shelters, building fires, basic survival skills, all while practicing a “leave no trace” attitude. The class will be held in all weather conditions and only canceled in the event of high winds.

NB: Children will be in the muck come rain or shine, please provide proper footwear, warm clothing, jackets, hats, and gloves. They should bring an extra pair of shoes to school to change into before leaving up the mountain.


Motion 2 Motion School of Dance will be offering Hip Hop classes this term. Keep fit & have fun while building confidence by learning dances to the newest chart-topping songs! Each class allows children to shine like the superstar they are and help them to grow as performers. 

Sadbh is the founder and owner of M2M School of Dance and will be our new dance teacher. She has been dancing since the age of four.  Trained in a number of disciplines, these classes will mainly focus on hip hop. The students will learn many new skills including correct technique, choreography and stretching. In these classes, younger children can rock out to their favourite songs while older children can get down to work and learn some cool new moves!

MIXED SPORTS (1st-6th class)

This has been one of our most popular ECA classes in the past. This year the class has been broken into  two days. Mondays our 1st & 2nd classes will be run by teachers Paudie and Niamh Doonan. Tuesdays the 3rd-6th class will be run by Damien and Mark. All teachers have a love of all sports and are excited to bring their skills and training to the children. In mixed sports, the children will play a variety of sports, learning basic skills and playing matches all while having fun and improving their fitness. 

NB: Please note, in inclement weather, the class will move indoors.


Speech and Drama class is provided by Theatre Academy Ireland.  Both speech and drama will be taught through games and exercises. Speech may include tongue twisters, breathing exercises, voice projection, and various other activities to help improve diction and confidence on stage. Drama is a great way for children to express themselves artistically. They will learn through performing, improvisation, role play, and observing others in action. 

Erika, our speech and drama coach, has an extensive background in Performing Arts. She has trained at Take2Performing Arts School in Foxrock, Gaiety School of Acting, and the Bill Keating Centre for TV Presentation Skills. She holds a diploma in Drama teaching from Leinster School of Music and Drama. Her passion is helping children gain confidence through creativity.


Tennis is brought to us once again by LC Tennis and coach Tom. Tom is looking forward to another successful term of teaching at our school. Children will learn basic skills and terms, while playing friendly matches against one another.  

NB: Equipment is provided, but children are encouraged to bring their own tennis rackets when possible. Please note, in inclement weather, the class will move indoors.

ARTS & CRAFTS Jr/Sr Infants

Arts and Crafts for our Jr/Sr Infants will be taught by parents and PAC members Emma McKenna and Laura Peters, each of whom runs their own craft businesses. Each week the children will be encouraged to have fun with art and develop their motor and creative skills via various tasks. They will be crafting and creating in this active make-and-do class. 

NB: Children are encouraged to bring an apron or old top to protect clothing.

ARTS & CRAFTS 1st-6th

Arts and Crafts will be spilt into two separate classes in Term 3. 1st Class teacher Emma will continue to teach the 1st & 2nd class students. Sr. Stepping Stones teacher, Kate Canavan, will teach the 3rd-6th class students. Both will teach new techniques each week helping children tap into their creativity. From painting to drawing, each child will come home with a new piece of artwork each week.  


Due to popularity, 5th class teacher Eva will be joining Damien in the teaching of Chess Club; this will allow us to take on more students. Chess is a fun skill in which children can improve memory and enhance creativity and critical thinking, all while having a good time. The children will learn basic rules and strategies and practice playing against each other. 

NB: Chess boards will be provided.

SOCCER (1st-6th class):

We are delighted to have Stephen Flynn back again as our soccer trainer.

‘I am a qualified personal trainer, I have been running my own successful fitness business (Future Fitness Dublin) over the last three years.” Children will learn basic soccer skills through various drills in this highly active class. 

 NB: Please note in inclement weather, the class will move indoors.

HOCKEY (1st &2nd and 3rd-6th class)

Hockey is run by teachers Ailish and Jessica D. Ailish has coached primary hockey in the past, and both enjoy teaching and playing the sport. Children will learn the basics and improve their fitness in a fun environment. This term, Ailish and Jess are excited to offer the class to our 1st-2nd class. 

NB: Please note, all students registered in the class must come prepared with a mouth guard, shin

guards, and proper footwear (runners). In inclement weather the class will move indoors


Field Sports is a fan favorite, brought to you by parent Darren Hanlon. Darren has a love for all sports and has coached young children in the past. In this class, our Jr/Sr Infants will learn a variety of sports, ie, soccer, tag rugby, rounders, and several other outdoor sports. Darren plans to keep the activity and interest level high by offering a wide range of sports throughout each term. 

NB: Please ensure your child has extra drinking water and proper footwear.

YOGA (Jr/Sr Infants and 1st-6th Class)

Anne-Marie’s Yoga Bears is returning again this year. Yoga is a fun way for kids to calm their racing minds and bodies through Yoga and Mindfulness activities. 

NB: Children will need to bring their own yoga mat and wear shoes they can fasten themselves. 

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