End of Year Fun!

We have enjoyed  a very hectic last few weeks in class! We have spent lots of time learning about Amelia Earhart and the children put their construction skills to good use as they took the time to plan and build  aeroplanes in the style of Amelia Earhart's Canary aeroplane.

The class have been keeping busy  with Nano Science, last week the children got to meet one of the scientists from Trinity college who is busy using nano technology to make things like flexible phones and televisions a real possibility using nano technology. Using Skype the children got to view the labs and watch the scientist conduct experiments and answer all of their brilliant questions. The children got so involved that we spent twice the amount of planned time on Skype listening to answers for their brilliant questions. We have such inquisitive minds in  our class!













We continued the theme of all things small in our art lessons in the last few weeks and the kids produced amazing miniature heroes!


Today we enjoyed a wonderful trip to Trinity College Dublin. A huge thank you to Rachel of the Nano Wow team in Trinity and also to her colleague Adriele who luckily for us is also one of the parents in our school. We cannot thank them enough for the weekly sessions in our class for the last six weeks where they entertained, inspired and provoked a lot of thought for all the students in the class. They were asked to think not only about why things worked but also why they did not and how they could solve the different issues. What a lucky class we have been to be selected and introduced to the world of Nano Science. The children had a great trip today as they engaged in experiments and workshops within the Trinity Science Gallery. A big thank you to Joanne and Sabrina who kindly volunteered their time to help with supervision duties for the day.

Finally a big thank you to all the children and parents for a super year in 4th class. Wishing you all a wonderful Summer and best of luck in 5th class to all our girls and boys!

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