What is an Educate Together School

The name "Educate Together" symbolizes a primary principle of the multi-denominational movement, that children of all creeds, race and background be 'educated together' in an atmosphere of equality, mutual understanding and respect.

Since the Dalkey School Project first opened in 1978, our network has grown to 81 schools nationwide. These include 77 primary-level schools and 4 second-level schools. Information on Educate Together's second-level schools can be found here: www.educatetogether.ie/our-schools/second-level  

  • A national map of all existing Educate Together schools can be found here: https://www.educatetogether.ie/schools
  • In September 2015, Educate Together opened 3 primary-level schools, in New Ross, Pelletstown and Tuam, and a second-level school in Celbridge. 
  • Over 21,000 students currently attend Educate Together schools. 
  • Over 1,200 teachers currently work in Educate Together schools. 
  • Educate Together's network of schools have doubled in the past ten years. 
  • Redfield Primary Academy opened in Bristol in England in 2014. It is the first Educate Together school to be opened outside of Ireland. 


Please click the document below to understand what an Educate Together School is.

What is an Educate Together School?

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