ECA Code of Behaviour

ECA Code of Behaviour

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECA) should be fun for all children involved. Parents/Guardians and children please read and agree to the following code of behaviour before registering for an ECA class.

  • Only enroll child(ren) in activities they are interested in attending
  • Ensure the child(ren) is picked up on time 
  • The relevant guidelines, rules and approaches from the SETNS code of behaviour followed in the school are continued during all ECA to ensure every child can enjoy ECA without disruption or upset. 
  • All children must adhere to the Covid measure guidelines, as laid out by the ECA provider. As guidelines are constantly changing, each provider may have different guidelines which will be provided to the students on the first day of class and updated as needed. The child is responsible to be aware of the guidelines and follow them or they may be asked to leave the class and sit with the ECA supervisor until pick-up. 
  • The response to minor and major misdemeanours will be dealt with as outlined below in points 4-8. 
  • Please discuss the rules of the ECA with your child(ren). To guarantee the smooth running of classes, all children enrolled in any programme are expected to abide by the following rules:
  1. Children will respect the rights of others to learn in a secure and happy environment and behave in a way that allows this.
  2. Full co-operation, courtesy, and respect for the teacher, other children, and equipment is required from everyone.
  3. Children should always speak to each other and the adults involved in a polite fashion. Personal remarks - about another person's family, personal habits, clothes or belongings, for example - can be hurtful. In the same way, as they have no place at school, they have no place in ECA.
  4. Where children consistently show they are not interested in the activity, constantly refuse to join in with the group, or are being disruptive, parents will be advised. 
  5. Please see examples of minor/major misdemeanours below. 
  6. In the case of inappropriate behaviour, the teacher may ask the child to leave the class and stay with the ECA supervisor until pick-up time to avoid disruption for other children.
  7. Any inappropriate behaviour will be discussed with parent/guardian.
  8. If, after a warning, the inappropriate behaviour continues, or there are major misdemeanours, the child may be asked to leave the class permanently.  No refunds will be given.

Examples of minor misdemeanours include:

  • Lack of respect, for example talking out of turn
  • Inappropriate comments
  • Lack of attention
  • Distracting others
  • Messing/mock fighting/jostling and pushing
  • Shouting and loudness
  • Spitting on the ground
  • Throwing things (other than at people)
  • Unsupervised climbing/running inside the school
  • Bad/derogatory language
  • Not following instructions 

Examples of major misdemeanours may include:

  • Persistent minor misdemeanours 
  • Disrespectful language/attitude towards the ECA teacher or supervisor.
  • Leaving the class, yard, park or activity without permission 
  • Abusive/threatening or violent language directed to a person
  • Persistent refusal to take instructions 
  • Bullying (see Anti­bullying policy
  • Hitting out in a threatening manner at another person  
  • Stealing or deliberately damaging property 
  • Bringing any dangerous objects or illegal substances to school  
  • Sexual harassment of a person by word, action or gesture

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