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3rd class have been getting very active over the past few weeks and this is so lovely especially as the weather is getting brighter. Thank you so much to Rose who has coordinated so many fun activities, from doing the "k a day" to the"10 at 10" our activity levels are increasing all the time.  The swimming has also been a big success and an invigorating way to end our busy weeks. The bus there and back might be the most fun part ! 🙂

Recently 3rd class learned about just how important water is. On World Water day we discussed how important it is to never waste water. We came up with simple ways to reduce our daily water consumption. We also watched a video on what would happen if you didn't drink enough water!

This we experimented with chemical reactions! In pairs we tested the chemical reactions between 2 substances by testing if we could blow up a balloon using Alka seltzer mixed with water. It was great fun and we couldn’t believe as the balloons inflated! We love chemistry!

In English, we read the story of King Midas and the Golden Touch. We then retold the story using our own creative input. We also wrote emails as if we were Marigold in the story. We are still reading "Danny the Champion of the World" and our Word Wall is growing every week.

We finished the term by designing some creative kites. Have a look at the colourful designs!

Enjoy the Spring break everybody.


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