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Intercultural Week

As part of Intercultural eek this year, Second Class learned all about our neighbours in England. We researched any cultural differences between Ireland and England, famous landmarks and people. In Art, we used a broad range of recyclable materials to plan, test and construct 3D sculptures of famous English cultural features. We worked collaboratively in…
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Keeping Maths Active!

We have worked so hard in our maths lessons this year. Our friendly class dinosaur 'WALT' (We Are Learning To) introduces us to what we are learning about each week. WALT has helped us keep focused on our learning and engaged in the outcomes and objectives we are aiming for. We have spent lots of…
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We adopted an author!

Second class had a very busy term before the Spring Break. We were lucky enough to take part in an initiative called ‘Adopt an Author’ in which we worked very closely with the author Gabrielle Kent. Alongside specific, targeted tasks set in conjunction with Gabrielle, we dived into her book ‘Knights and Bikes’. We enjoyed…
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Celebration of China!

We have had a very busy few weeks in Second Class. We have been working under the theme of China and have completed so much work that we are very excited to share with you. We began our learning by spending a large number of lessons researching and discovering all about Chinese people, landmarks, culture,…
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Wet Wet Wet

Second Class have spent a large portion of January undertaking plenty of varied learning around the theme of water.We learned all about water conservation and worked extremely hard at producing some excellent projects on the topic. Each pupil listed five means in which we can help save water in our day to day lives and…
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Newton’s Law – Balloon Fun!

Welcome to our balloon rocket experiment! Second Class were studying forces in Science last week. To test Newton's third law, which states every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we set up a twine zip-line to which we taped an inflated balloon. We counted down for our rocket take-off and when we let go…
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