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Our Incredible Edibles Journey Begins..

Today we started our Incredible Edibles journey. Millie's mum, Mary has kindly agreed to lead the project. She has lots of gardening and growing expertise and we have already learned so much! Mary told us all about her garden and the work that her family put in to produce lots of fresh, organic food. The…
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We are a Team

A group of children have enjoyed working on a 1000 piece jigsaw with Karen in class. It was finished the week before Spring Break. Smiles all round! Well done everyone and thanks to Karen.
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World Book Day Events

3rd Class celebrated World Book Day with a number of events. Classroom activities for the day included a Harry Potter themed day, buddy reading with Mallaidh's Junior Infants, Share a Story and the book exchange. It was a great day!!  
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Published Poetry

Our poetry anthologies are finished! The children drafted poems based on topics of choice over three weeks and then published their favourite poems in books. We explored lots of different types of poems and creative ways of publishing them. We also visited Kate's 1st Class to share our poems and really enjoyed it!
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Project Presentations

3rd Class have been working on projects over the last few weeks and I have been amazed by the standard of them! Some children worked on their own while others worked in groups. The children chose topics based on interest and we explored different ways of presenting them. We had three afternoons of project presentations…
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Poetry Corner- Watch this Space!

In January, we explored poetry in Writing Workshop. We wrote lots of poems and explored limericks, couplets, quatrains and cinquains. We read lots of poems by famous poets too. We learned about rhyming patterns and worked independently and in groups. The share session every day was a joy! We enjoyed listening, questioning and helping each…
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