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June in Stepping Stones

June was a busy month for all of the students in Senior Stepping Stones. We harvested our crop of potatoes and our strawberries. They were delicious! We joined in with our classes for school tours to an adventure centre where we did archery and made s'mores. Fern from Farm Yard to School Yard visited our…
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June in Stepping Stones!

Our last month of the school year has been a busy one! All of the children took part in the races and games with their mainstream classes on sport's day. It was a great day and all of the children got an ice-cream and a certificate to cap the day off! We were visited by…
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May in Stepping Stones

Stepping Stones was full of fun this May as our friends from mainstream classes 1st-5th took turns for afternoon visits. We showed them the forest, our hall and our classroom. We played lots of games together. We had a special afternoon when we met our new classmates for September. We are so excited to have…
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May in Stepping Stones!

We've had a great month in Stepping Stones. The better weather has meant that we have been able to go outside for PE lessons as well as taking part in a whole-school walk around the Belarmine area as part of active week. We have been learning life skills and doing some cooking too. The children…
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April in Stepping Stones

We enjoyed a lovely couple of weeks in Stepping Stones before Spring Break this April. Friends joined us from other classes to create imaginative pieces with soft blocks and Clicks. One group made a T-Rex and another group built a sofa to relax on! We have been looking after our plants every day and we…
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April in Stepping Stones!

April was another short month at SETNS with the spring break! Some of the highlights of the month included making chicks and eggs for art and going on a chocolate egg hunt for Easter! We also tasted lots of different fruits and made healthy smoothies. We learned about nature and planted cress seeds, strawberries, potatoes…
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