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Wet Wet Wet

Second Class have spent a large portion of January undertaking plenty of varied learning around the theme of water.We learned all about water conservation and worked extremely hard at producing some excellent projects on the topic. Each pupil listed five means in which we can help save water in our day to day lives and…
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Newton’s Law – Balloon Fun!

Welcome to our balloon rocket experiment! Second Class were studying forces in Science last week. To test Newton's third law, which states every action has an equal and opposite reaction, we set up a twine zip-line to which we taped an inflated balloon. We counted down for our rocket take-off and when we let go…
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The Wonders of Science!

Second class had such a fun time across Science week and the weeks leading up to it and those following. We spent lots of times practicing on working scientifically and approaching our work through a range of skills: Questioning, Observing, Predicting, Investigating and experimenting, Estimating and measuring, Analysing, Interpreting, Recording and communicating. We had so much…
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Spooky Fun!

We had an extra spooky week in Second class this week. We have been working really hard on the genre of narrative writing and have spent a lot of time planning, drafting, editing and finalising our spooky narratives. To begin, we looked at narrative writing and the components that we need to make a story structurally…
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Using our environment to learn

Over the last few weeks we have had a focus on using the environment around us to help us with our learning. We have gotten out into the fresh air lots and have really enjoyed getting hands on with our learning. As it was Maths Week this week, we have been doing lots of fun…
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A New Term!

Hi Everyone! Welcome to the class blog for Second Class. I plan to keep this updated as often as possible with news and activities from our class. So check back in regularly for updates on all the exciting things we are doing and covering across a range of curricular areas. We can't believe September is…
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