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Fourth Class Hike

Fourth Class pupils went on a very exciting educational adventure before we closed for the Halloween holidays. With the guidance of Adrian from Ambles and Rambles, pupils climbed Three Rock Mountain. Children learned about trees, their leaves, their seeds and their berries. Children also learned about the history of the location as well as viewing…
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Maths Week

Fourth Class children had an extremely eventful Maths Week. Children partook in activities such as Problem of the Day, Maths Trails, Maths Games (stations) and Brainteasers. These activities were engaging, interesting and challenging for the pupils. Below are some examples of the interesting activities we underwent. Early in the week, the children went to the…
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September in Fourth Class!

Fourth Class boys and girls have got off to a fantastic start this year. We focused very much on the topic of "Myself" for September. Children wrote informative pieces about themselves to help everybody learn more about them. This was also reflected in Irish where the boys and girls learned to talk about themselves, their…
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