Catch up for December!

So far in December we have been practicing so hard for our Winter Concert. We are so excited for you all to see the product of all our hard work.

We did a really fun activity in art called blind contour drawing - we were set a series of challenges where we had to draw certain objects without looking at the page or lifting our pen. It helped us to use both our senses of sight and touch and encouraged the left sides of our brains to work hard!

In SESE we have been learning all about homelessness. We have had some very thought provoking conversations in class and made some excellent suggestions on ways to improve the homeless crisis. We also worked on designing some innovative shelters that might help homeless people during the winter months.

In English, we have been working very hard this month on a new reading strategy; making connections. We learned how important it is for good readers to make connections when they read. We now regularly make text-to-text, text-to-self and text-to-world connections when we read.

To keep us warm over the cold months, we also designed our very own winter jumpers! Take a look!

Ps: Some of us won certificates for our excellent punctuation and attendance so far this year. Keep up the great work!

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