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“Musical Instruments” by SETNS 6th Class

We did this assignment a few weeks back and needs to be shared. The class were tasked with researching a musical instrument - any instrument - and design a slide on a shared Google Slides document. The children had lots of fun on this music project and we all learned about fascinating instruments from all…
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“Light” by SETNS 6th Class

Last week, we explored the topic of light in Geography and Science. The class learned about different sources of light, the history of light, prisms and refractions, along with many other interesting facts! The class were tasked with researching light, creating a "sun safety" poster and performing light-related experiments. They then designed a slide on…
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Well done Isabella!

I am delighted to share with you all that our very own Isabella Prina-Mello's fantastic 'Bloody Sunday' poems have awarded the school with a 'Special Merit' status from the GAA and Cumann na mBunscoile. We explored the events of Bloody Sunday 1920 back in November. Inspired by these events, Isabella penned a poem dedicated to…
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Intercultural Week 2021

This week, SETNS has been exploring all things Japan. Up in 6th Class, we have been very busy on Google Classroom making mini-projects on this theme! Each day, the children worked on a different area of the curriculum focusing on Japan. At 2.30pm each day, we had a "Google Meet" where everyone got to present…
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