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Fourth Class Hike

Fourth Class pupils went on an amazing adventure before we closed for the Halloween break. With the guidance of Adrian from Ambles and Rambles, pupils underwent an educational hike up Three Rock mountain. Children learned about Trees, their leaves, their seeds and their berries. Children also learned about the history of the location as well…
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Fourth Class School Hike

Fourth Class undertook a very exciting outdoor adventure for their school tour this year. With the guidance of Adrian from Ambles and Rambles, we climbed Three Rock Mountain. This was so much fun. We learned about all of the plants and wildlife in the woods and mountain. As well as this, we carried out activities…
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Planting Carrots in 4th Class

Fourth Class had great fun planting carrots last week in the sunshine! Each pod planted their own row in our vegetable patches. We cannot wait to see our carrots grow.
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Maths in Fourth Class

The photographs below show the children using concrete materials and pictorial methods to understand decimal place value. This method also helped fourth class pupils further understand the relationship between fractions and decimals.
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December in Stepping Stones!

December was an exciting month in Stepping Stones. The students took part in the school's winter concert with their mainstream classes, we had a birthday party for one of the children and the "Elf on the Shelf" kept an eye on all of the work happening in the classroom! I hope everyone had a great…
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Winter Baking in Fourth Class!

To finish off our term, Fourth Class children had a Winter Bake Off. There were five groups. Each group made a different yet delicious cake. The children baked Lemon Cake, Chocolate Truffle Cake, Carrot Cake, Flap Jacks and Chocolate Gooey Cake. Our judges Damien and Pádraig found it very difficult to pick a winner. Nevertheless,…
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