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"As a mom having an ADHD child they were very supportive and we were very lucky and thankful for being there."

Senior Infant Parent

"A great school. My kids are always exited to go to this school every day and they are never ready to come back home. And the way they teach the children are amazing. The class teacher buys the copies. And they also make sure the kids are safe while they are at school! The kids do not have to wear uniform. And they also give you full information of the behaviour and the time when school is over where you have to come to collect your kid(s) from school. From junior to senior infants the school ends at 1.10 pm. From 1st to 6th class the school ends at 2.10 pm. So if you get a seat at Stepaside Educate Together National school, that means your son/daughter is lucky. So please give your child's name to Magda"


"Being in temporary accommodation in a car park, the school may not be a lot to look at at the moment but the principal, Anne, and the teachers have managed to create there a vibrant and caring hub of learning and development for our little ones. Our twins are now in 2 different Senior Infants classes. They love their school and when we asked them what they love about it, here are their top 5 reasons: 1) playing with their friends at yard time, 2) their very nice teachers teaching them how to read and doing fun things when they get all their work done, 3) the Aistear room where they learn all about the different countries, 4) the GAA on Tuesdays and Art on Wednesdays, 5) talking to the First Class student council about what their new school will look like/should have (i.e. permanent accommodation).

Our top 5:
1) a great leader in Anne and staff (not forgetting Magda!) that are competent, open, caring and enthusiastic about being part of this new project, 2) Small class sizes where our kids can get some individual attention, 3) the newsletter every couple of weeks letting us know what's going on in the school/their class, 4) the willingness of the school to participate in all sort of projects (e.g. food dudes, eco workshops etc.), 5) an Educate Together ethos that encourages both kids and parents' involvement.

Thanks to the sibling policy, we are looking forward to our second set of twins starting in the school next year."

Marianne and Micheal

"What I like most about the Educate Together ethos is its focus on the individual child. Each child is nurtured and encouraged according to their ability. I was impressed with the very detailed school report I received for my child. It proved to me that his abilities and needs were known to his teacher. I love that its not all about academic learning but that different aspects of learning are included. For instance, the children practice mindfulness in class which I think is a valuable life skill."


"We are very happy to have chosen Stepaside Educate Together for our daughter Edie. She loves the school, her friends, her teacher and the rest of the staff and has come along in leaps and bounds since she has been there."

Mary & Cormac

"To say our son has flourished at Stepaside Educate Together NS would fail to convey just how happy he is. And from an educational perspective we couldn't be happier either. It’s clear that Anne and her team are genuinely committed to nurturing a lasting and caring environment."

Mark & Lisa

"Ruby joined Stepaside Educate Together in Junior Infants in 2013 and has flourished amazingly. We are so happy with the ethos of the school and the kind and caring environment that is encouraged and practiced. I was so nervous sending Ruby to school, but Anne and all the staff put our minds at ease and have made us and Ruby feel more than welcome."

Amy and Rob

"Our daughter Abigail joined Stepaside Educate Together halfway through the school year and we were concerned about her settling, however we need not have been as Anne and the boys & girls of Junior Infants class 2012 welcomed her with open arms and we have been delighted with her progress ever since. Our second daughter Beth has just started and we are thrilled to have both our girls in SETNS. Anne and Magda have done a magnificent job over the past year and we have every confidence in them for the future and look forward to watching the school flourish and grow."

Graham & Susan

“Stepaside Educate Together has proved to be a great choice for our son to go to school. There is no private or other public school which would have been better for him. He loved his first year and could not wait to go back in September. The exceptionally caring and qualified staff, led by the innovative and passionate Principal Anne Carroll, ensured there was an inclusive yet individual approach for every child. We feel incredibly lucky for our son to be able to go to school there and will send our other two kids when they are older.”

Eoghan & Adina

"We are delighted to have Kitty attending Stepaside Educate Together, she can't wait to go to school every morning and every afternoon she leaves the class with a smile on her face. You can't hope for more than that from a school."

Ger & Niamh

"I was unsure about sending my daughter to an ET school that was only newly established. Any concerns I had quickly disappeared. I've found a school were the ethos, and dedication to my daughter's best interests is conducive to the bright future she is capable of, while remaining in keeping with the inclusive and collaborative values I try to teach at home."

First Class Parent

"I think it's probably true to say that kids will tell you very little about their school day. However my son Max runs into his classroom everyday, and that's all the reassurance I need, that he loves his new school.
The school is super friendly and lively, and he really enjoys the disco in the school yard every Thursday!"

Junior Infant Parent

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