Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee was formed in September 2017 and is led by Linda and Rose and has 10 pupils from 1st class- 6th class.

Our goal this year is to focus on litter and waste and to reduce this in the school environment.

We are always looking at ways to encourage sustainable transport.

The Four Bees Diary
2nd Class B were inspired learning about bees and hive dynamics during the year. They loved learning about their beautifully complex lives and how important they are to be the planet. The class were compelled to create awareness about what they had learned and to celebrate these special creatures by writing a story in diary format. They spent weeks planning, writing draft after draft and creating stunning artwork. Needless to say, they are extremely proud of their first published book!

Our Green Themed Winter Concert

December 2019

As we are working really hard on the litter and recycling theme we decided to base our winter concerts this year on the Ethics and Environment strand of the Learn Together programme. The messages in these plays were all related to caring for our environment. Infant classes performed The Litter Muncher play, which was all about disposing of waste properly in our community and taking personal responsibility when it comes to caring for our locality. Senior classes performed a wonderful environmental song called Under the Sea. It highlighted the plight of the sea creatures dealing with an ocean full of plastic caused by littering. The turtles, seals and whales were eating plastic bags that looked like food. Eddie the Penguin Saves the World continued the environmental theme as a small penguin realised his home was melting. Spongebob and the Plastic Problem was  written by 4th and 6th class specially to highlight the problem of single use plastic and playfully outlined ways we are reducing plastic in our school. Mr. Toby’s Dolphin  written and performed by 2nd and 5th class was all about pollution of the ocean and how plastic we use in our daily lives can end up in the oceans. This play also discussed the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling. These plays reinforced the messages of our Green Code and our work on our Green Flag Journey in a fun and musical way. Well done everyone. 

Community Clean up

October 2019

On Sunday the 6th October the Parents’ Association Committee organised another very successful community clean up in the Belarmine area. The children and parents dressed in the SETNS Green T-shirts and spent an hour cleaning up our school area. A big thank you to the PAC for organising this wonderful event. It was a great way to show thanks to our community and our commitment to a greener environment.

Greenest classroom award

October 2019

Our committed Green Schools Committee will be doing spot checks around the school to check everybody is remembering to put the correct items in the correct bins. They will keep a record of the Greenest classroom and award this class for their effort. Remember the more you can reduce waste the better. For example always use a reusable water bottle.

Environmental poetry and posters

October 2019

As reducing, reusing and recycling is always important to us, the classes will be writing poems expressing the importance of this. Keep an eye out around the school for the posters that the children will be creating with the same message.

Green Flag committee selection

September 2019

For the new school year it was decided to give some other pupils the opportunity to be at the heart of our Green Flag journey and to be on the Green Flag Committee. The children were so enthusiastic about being on the committee that it was so hard to select the representatives. In 6th class the children prepared a presentation and spoke to the class and their teacher about their passion for green issues. In 3rd class the children wrote convincing persuasive pieces on why they would be great at promoting recycling and environmental care in the school. In the end a committee was formed. These children will be meeting with Linda and Rose at least once a week and discussing ways to keep improving our school’s environmental drive.

Green Schools Day of Action

June 2019

In June 2019  3rd 4th and 5th class organised a Green Schools Day of Action. The children in these classes did a clean up of the grass and pavements all around Belarmine. They used pickers and gloves to pick up litter and help keep our school community neat and tidy and most importantly to remember to dispose of rubbish correctly.

Recycling in every classroom

November 2018

In November 2018 We introduced recycling throughout our school. Now we are settled into our lovely new school building We have been learning lots of interesting facts about recycling and how important it is. Each classroom has a recycling bin and a general waste bin. The Green Flag Committee stuck labels on the bins and informed the class about what items of waste go in each bin. We also try to remember to reduce, reuse and recycle. We reuse paper by writing on the back of worksheets and reuse as much as card as we can in the classrooms when we are doing art.

Tidiest Classroom Competition

March 2018

The Green School Committee have started off our Green Flag Journey by running a tidiest classroom competition. Each week the committee check the classrooms on their checklist to see if the floor is clean, the lights are off when they are not used, the taps are completely turned off and the sink area is tidy.


Our PAC have been promoting and facilitating car-pooling for the last 4 years. If you are interested in availing of car-pooling please contact

Walk on Wednesday

This was a great success in the past. If you are interested and available to volunteer please contact

Travel Survey

In early 2017 we conducted a travel survey showing all the sustainable transport options we will have in our new location.

View the survey results here: SETNS_Transport_Survey_2017.

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