Green Schools

The Green Schools Committee was formed in September 2017.

This year, the 2023/24 Green Schools Committee is being led by Ciarán , Aoife and Aoileann and has 10 pupils from 1st class- 6th class. 

Green School Committee
This year we are working on achieving our third Green Flag, the Water Flag. This is a two year project and we are in our second year.

We have currently picked our committee members and will be conducting an Environmental Review on the school with the members. This will allow members to check their classrooms and make sure they are saving as much water as possible.

December 2023

Part 1 of the plan for Green Schools this year is a poster competition about water and how best we can save it. This will be done before the Winter 2023 break. The winner of the competition will be picked the last week before the school holidays.

Part 2 - we will be running a rap/song contest before the midterm break in February 2024. The song/rap will also be around the theme of Sustainability.

Part 3 - the committee will be involved in the set up of planter beds and the running of it in the Springtime. The committee will give a hand in the Spring to get them ready. This will tie in with the theme of Sustainability.

May 2023 - Water Conservation Talk

Thanks so much to Séan Boyle and past pupil Nicolas Boyle for coming to talk to our Green School Committee about sustainability and why it’s important to conserve water. 🌎♻️💧

March 22nd 2023 - World Water Day

Green Flag: Our Walk for Water 💦

On Wednesday the 22nd March 2023 the Green Schools Committee organised a Blue Day in our school to mark World Water Day. Every child in the school wore something blue and each class did a mini Walk for Water. The older children carried their school bags on their walk to represent the journey that many children across the world make each day to access clean water. During the day, the children learned about how some children in other countries don't have clean water for drinking or sanitation. We also learned how small actions in our community make a big change to the whole planet.

March 2023

We have just had our 4th meeting. We counted all the taps, toilets, dishwashers, washing machines and showers. There are 73 toilets, 128 taps, 2 dishwashers, one washing machine, 4 showers and 6 water appliances in the school. We are organising our Walk for Water day in our school which will be the 22nd March.

Water Awareness

November 2022

The Green School committee would like to thank all the classes who contributed posters to help decorate our Green Schools area in the entrance. The artwork is amazing and it helps to promote water awareness in our community. We will be having our next meeting next week to get started on the first steps to
achieving our water flag.



October 2022

At the end of October, we collected almost 500kg of clothes that helped declutter plenty of houses and raised a total of €185, with a percentage being donated to LauraLynn, Ireland's Children's Hospice.

The Four Bees Diary

June 2022

2nd Class B were inspired learning about bees and hive dynamics during the year. They loved learning about their beautifully complex lives and how important they are to the planet. The class were compelled to create awareness about what they had learned and to celebrate these special creatures by writing a story in diary format. They spent weeks planning, writing draft after draft and creating stunning artwork. Needless to say, they are extremely proud of their first published book!

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