Active Flag

The Active Flag 

The Active Flag is a Department of Education and Skills initiative that recognises schools that “strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community”. See website for details. Our pupils, staff and parents are committed to making activity and exercise a fun and everyday way of life in our school. We have been enjoying our active flag journey over the last number of years and our active flag committees have been leading us in many initiatives to keep us healthy and active.

Physical Education programme

Each class participates in a minimum of one hour timetabled physical Education per week. Pupils take part in lessons that cover the strands of the Physical Education Curriculum - Athletics, Dance, Games, Gymnastics and Outdoor and Adventure activities. Senior classes now take part in the aquatics strand also. These lessons take place in the hall and in the playground and school grounds.

Physical Activity Initiatives

In addition to PE lessons pupils take part in many fun activities to stay active. Our school day is regularly revitalized within the classroom with ‘brain break’ activities such as yoga, dance, aerobics and Zumba thanks to the Go Noodle website, the Bizzy Breaks programme and teacher led physical movement breaks. These regular brain breaks boost energy levels fuelling the children’s brains for further learning. These breaks are particularly important on rainy days when we can’t get outside and movement breaks are extended on these days.

We have many initiatives to promote activity throughout the day and school year. These include the K a day, game of the week, zoned playground games, the 10@10,school discos, the walking bus, whole school walks, céilís, using the playground markings and having active rewards, such as for line of the week.

Teachers also use activity throughout the curriculum. For example maths trails, nature walks, tours of the school, Deir O Gradaigh as Gaeilge.

Active Flag Committee

The Active Flag Committee 2022/23 is being led by Niamh W, Mark, Paudie & Niamh D.


We have good partnerships with local sports clubs, who come in during the year to give taster sessions, including St. Olaf's GAA club, Rosemont tennis club and De La Salle Rugby Club.

What club are you in Survey

The children and parent representative on our active flag committee surveyed children and parents about what sports clubs the children in our school take part in outside of school. 

Active School Week

We have had two very busy and successful Active School Weeks. One was in April 2016 and one in April 2017. This will be a yearly feature in our school calendar as we are committed to making activity a regular part of school life. We are very lucky to have parents who are fitness instructors and yoga teachers who come in and give classes during active week. There are lots of lots of activities during active week such as DEAD (drop everything and dance), treasure hunts, whole school penalty shootout and hula hoop challenges.

Active Schools News

Run Around Ireland challenge

June 5, 2018

As part of our Active Flag we are all engaging in the Run Around Ireland challenge. As often as we can during the week we get out and run, jog or walk. We then add up our kilometers and track them on a chart hanging outside our classroom. The classes are doing brilliantly and are quickly accumulating many kilometers. We will soon have reached the kilometers needed to get to Galway, Belfast and Cork. We are all enjoying getting out in the fresh air and will undoubtedly be reaping the health benefits of this exercise.

Active Week

May 5, 2017

We had a particularly energetic week during Active Week from the 24th to 28th April. Well done to the boys and girls who participated in whole school events such as the whole school walk and the walking bus. As well as this each class took part in a Treasure Hunt around the school, penalty shoot outs, a hula hoop challenge, drop everything and dance to The Chicken Dance and many more. We also put our flexibility to the test trying out some yoga poses. One of the highlights of Active Week was on Thursday when Aoife, Mum to one of the senior infant pupils came in and taught a fun exercise class to all the classes. The Kilometre a Day and Walk on Wednesdays continue. As always the great thing about all these activities was that the children participated, tried their best, had fun and were super active.

A Km a Day

March 21, 2017

This week we have started the 'K a day'.  This is where each class runs or walks a kilometer a day. This is three laps of the school grounds which senior infants discovered today doesn’t seem that far at all! We time our runs to see our progress over the weeks. The main emphasis is on participation and getting more active. Each pupil logs their run on their 'K a day' log sheet noting how they feel after.

Do your talking while you are walking

Every Wednesday at big break we will have ‘Do your talking while you are walking’ time. We will all join together as a school and walk or jog around the edge of the yard and chat to the person beside us. Another little way to get a bit more active!

The 10 at twenty to ten  (10@20 to 10)

Every Friday at 9.40am the whole school stops what they are doing and participates in 10 minutes of activity. These exercises are led by our brilliant playground leaders from 2nd and 3rd classes. Well done everyone for being so active! 


February 10, 2017

On Friday the 10th February we took part in the 10@10 event. This is a mass physical exercise break where schools across the country do various exercises for 10 minutes at 10 o'clock. We were all huffing and puffing getting great exercise doing activities such as jumping Jacks, hup marching, side steps, breast strokes, sky bunch, bouncaroo, split bounce, crocodile snaps and mountain climbers. We also got some other ideas for exercises from the Super Trooper Diaries. Our playground leaders were busy teaching the exercises to the other classes in the weeks running up to the 10@10. Our playground leaders did a super job leading the exercises in the line before we went back to class and also in the classroom. We will be continuing this great habit of exercising in the line.

Our fantastic playground leaders:

Aarnav and Finn

Karolina and Elliott

Isabella and Ethan

Temwani and Abi

Bruno and Millie

Wiktor, Tiago and Milos

Active Flag slogan

The children came up with all sorts of catchy slogans to remind us to stay active. These can be read on our active school board. The active schools committee decided that the below was a really fun slogan and it is now our active school slogan.

Hop, skip, jump and play! Let's get active every day

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