A New Year!

Happy new year! We have settled back in nicely after our lovely winter break. We have gotten straight back into learning and have already fit lots of work in! We were learning all about fractions in maths. These can be so tricky and we spent a lot of time working on them. We have worked on some really tricky maths problems involving specific pizza orders in order to practice. I placed some pretty unusual pizza orders to the kids and they had to ensure that the correct fraction on the pizza had the preferred toppings! They did so well! We are back practicing place value this week and are enjoying using our notation boards to practice our hundreds, tens and units.

In Geography we have been learning all about water conservation and the ways in which we can stop wasting water. So many wonderful suggestions were put forward! In History we have been exploring the difference between seaside holidays today and seaside holidays in Victorian times. We used photographs throughout the ages to compare and contrast the similarities and differences between seaside holidays then and now. To tie in with this, we learned about the features of writing a postcard and wrote some very interesting postcards from a fictional seaside holiday!

In Science this week, we have been investigating materials that float and those that sink! We had great fun investigating the various ways we can manipulate materials that generally sink in order to help them float. We have a very exciting project lined up for next week about floating and sinking. Stay tuned to see what it is! 

Lastly, in art, we created a collaborative class wall sculpture inspired by the work of artist Dale Chihuly and inspired by the colours of the coral reef. Have a look!

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