3rd Class News!

It is been a busy and productive start to 2017 for all in 3rd class!

We learned a lot about the Bronze Age, all about the people and the way they lived from their houses to their clothes. We learned about different types of Bronze Age artefacts and designed our own Bronze Age artefacts, including chisels, daggers and axes. We then made them out of clay and painted them!


We also learned that Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin. We carried out an experiment to find out what affect an acid - (coke) had on metal (copper). The result was some nice shiny coppers, though it made us think twice about drinking coke!

We have been busy in English. We acted as journalists and drafted and edited our own Newspapers. We included advertisements and pictures.





We also designed our own cartoon strips to tell a story. What do you think?

We have also started our second novel, Danny the champion of the World.

Inspiration Week proved such a success this year. 3rd class learned about so many inspirational people , from Helen Keller and Malala to the artist Van Gogh. Here is our Art based on Van Gogh's Starry Night.

The time has flown by and we are looking forward to a rest next week!

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