Science and apples!

We do lots of little science experiments in class. On Thursday we investigated all around the classroom to see what materials are attracted to magnets.  Lots of boys and girls brought in items from home to investigate if magnets affect them.

Investigating with magnets.


Earlier in term we were learning about the life cycle of the apple. We investigated to see what effect lemon juice has on apple. We learned through our experiment that if you cover pieces of apple in lemon juice the apple doesn’t turn brown. This is because the lemon juice stops air getting to the apple. Handy if you’re making a fruit salad. We also tasted different varieties of apples, including Royal Gala, Granny Smith and Golden Delicious. The lovely and sweet  Pink Lady apples  seemed to be the favourite apple in senior infants.  We also learned lots of good new words to describe the different types of apples too. Watch out   next week for our triangle poems we will be writing about apples and bringing home!

Investigating how lemon juice affects apple.  


Tasting and leaning new words to describe different varieties of apples.






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