29th May – 2nd June

This week we were paid a visit by some professionals from Ulster Bank to talk about money. We spoke about the origins of money, saving, the difference between needs and wants and the costs associated with having a pet. After the lesson each child was presented with a certificate of completion.

We had intercultural day on Thursday and some very kind parents volunteered to give presentations. Each parent had a table and display with an array of objects, flgs and pictures relating to their country. The children found this very interesting and informative and got the chance to hear some native music and dance and even got a chance to taste some authentic cuisines! The countries we learned about were Czech Republic, Italy, Iran, Ghana, China, Mexico and Spain. Thank you so much to all of the parents involved!

We also completed some line drawings of cartoon animals during our art lesson this week. The goal of the lesson was to show the children that anyone can draw and every picture is just made up of lines that are built up bit by bit.

Enjoy the long weekend everyone! 🙂

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