1st Class December Assembly

Today was a big day in First Class.  During today's assembly it was our class's turn to show what we have been learning as part of Learn Together throughout November.  We spoke about friendship week, world philosophy day and children's rights.  What a wonderful display the children gave!  They really did themselves proud!  Sadly we didn't get a photograph, they looked wonderful holding up their 'alphabet of children's rights'.

This week we watched a lovely little video about spreading kindness (have a look here if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwelE8yyY0U ).  We were inspired to come up with our own ideas for kind acts that the children can carry out themselves.  These we put into a calendar so that each day in December a new idea is revealed and the children are encouraged to spread these acts of kindness.


Seeing as the Toy Show is on this weekend, d'fhoghlaim muid focloir a baineann leis Clár Bréagáin as Gaeilge (we have been learning words about the Toy Show in Irish)!   See how many they can remember!







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